Icon Archive is a curated collection of icon sets created for a variety of brand and digital projects. Displayed in full color and organized alphabetically, this project aims to capture the full range of icon sets completed by Dan Fleming from 2011–2021.

*Designed at 829

829 Studios digital agency icon set


All Star Golf golf tournament icon set

*All Star Golf Camp

Bolt spine surgery benefits icon set


Building Engines property management icon set

*Building Engines

Building Engines product features icon set

*Building Engines

Camp Cody summer activities icon set

*Camp Cody

Camp Cody summer dashboard icon set

*Camp Cody

Camp Danbee website navigation icon set

*Camp Danbee

Carbonfund home and work icon set


Carbonfund carbon offset icon set


City Brew Tours beer excursion icon set

*City Brew Tours

Condiments Club kitchenware icon set

Condiments Club

Farrell Building amenities icon set

*Farrell Building

Full English audio production icon set

Full English

Gilly's Lilies flower boutique icon set

Gilly's Lilies

Grazy brand values icon set


Heading Home give back icon set

*Heading Home

JCC Boston icon set

*JCC Boston

Lightning Talks presentation icon set

*Lightning Talks

Molly's Resumé contact icon set

*Molly's Resumé

Nomadic app icon set


Nomadic business travel icon set


Nomadic app icon set


NYGC scientific icon set


OARS adventure activities icon set


OARS trip itinerary icon set


Owl's Nest resort icon set

*Owl's Nest

Pria user interface icon set


Creative Process treasure hunt icon set


Sail Caribbean icon set

*Sail Caribbean

South America travel icon set

*South America Travel

STANLEY Healthcare icon set

*STANLEY Healthcare

Ten Years event icon set

Ten Years

Vala musical theater icon set


Viking sports icon set

*Viking Sports

Zephyr Point seasons icon set

*Zephyr Point

© Dan Fleming